Building Renovation


Today the majority of HVAC equipment installation takes place in existing buildings and installations in existing buildings are logistically more challenging than new construction. Owners want to maintain the integrity of the building, continue operations during renovations, and retain the use of some of the existing HVAC components.

Renovation-4_1ACCO, Inc. has the creativity and experience it takes to renovate any existing building. Whether the problem is integrating into an existing building automation system, retaining major ductwork, improving air distribution, or just fitting a central air handling unit through an existing doorway, ACCO can always find a way to accomplish the objectives of the owner in the most economical way, in the least amount of time and with the least amount of disruption for your normal business.

Capital projects take time to budget. ACCO will evaluate your HVAC systems and help you develop a financial strategy for improvements or replacement. Whether that solution involves financing, leasing equipment, utility rebates, tax credits, reduced energy costs or replacement prediction based upon condition and useful life, ACCO can help you determine your course of action to keep you building operating at peak efficiency.


If you have an existing building that is uncomfortable or your energy costs are too high, and you need to renovate HVAC components or a building automation system, call ACCO, Inc. for budget numbers and creative solutions.